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Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 DISC ONLY

Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 DISC ONLY

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Game Variant Description:  To avoid confusion the copies of this item that I have below will soon if they haven't already change to the following:.Game with Case and Booklet = This means it has the cover art, hard case that holds the game and the manual.Game with Case = This means it comes with the covert art, hard case that holds the game but does not have the manual .Game Only: This variant has the game only, no cover art, no manual and may not include a case to hold the game. The random letters and numbers after each title are just how we track our stock :)

A Thrilling Gaming Experience: Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 DISC ONLY Review

Title: A Thrilling Gaming Experience: Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 DISC ONLY Review


Call of Duty Black Ops for the PS3 is a highly acclaimed first-person shooter game that has captivated gamers worldwide since its release. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the game, focusing on its gameplay, graphics, storyline, and overall experience. Please note that this review is based on the disc-only version of the game.


Call of Duty Black Ops offers an immersive and action-packed gameplay experience. The controls are smooth and responsive, allowing players to easily navigate through various environments and engage in intense combat. The game offers a wide range of weapons, each with its own unique characteristics, giving players the freedom to choose their preferred playstyle. The multiplayer mode is particularly impressive, offering a variety of game modes and maps that ensure endless hours of competitive fun.


Considering the game's release date, the graphics of Call of Duty Black Ops on the PS3 are impressive. The game features detailed character models, realistic environments, and stunning visual effects. The attention to detail is commendable, with explosions, gunfire, and environmental destruction adding to the overall immersion. While the graphics may not match the standards of more recent titles, they still hold up well and contribute to an enjoyable gaming experience.


Call of Duty Black Ops boasts a captivating and well-crafted storyline that takes players on a thrilling journey. Set during the Cold War era, the game follows the protagonist, Alex Mason, as he uncovers a conspiracy and battles against a secret organization. The narrative is engaging, filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep players hooked throughout the campaign. The voice acting and cutscenes further enhance the storytelling, making it a memorable experience.

Overall Experience:

Call of Duty Black Ops for the PS3 is a must-play for fans of the first-person shooter genre. The game offers a well-balanced combination of intense gameplay, impressive graphics, and an engaging storyline. The multiplayer mode adds significant replay value, ensuring that players can enjoy the game for months or even years. While the disc-only version may lack additional downloadable content, it still provides a complete and satisfying gaming experience.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

Call of Duty Black Ops for the PS3 deserves a perfect five-star rating. It excels in all aspects, from its gameplay mechanics to its captivating storyline. The game's graphics, while not cutting-edge by today's standards, still hold up well and contribute to an immersive experience. Whether you're a fan of the franchise or a newcomer, this game is a must-have for any PS3 owner.

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