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Vexx PS2

Vexx PS2

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A Classic Gaming Experience: Vexx PS2 Review

Title: A Classic Gaming Experience: Vexx PS2 Review


Vexx PS2 is a platforming video game released for the PlayStation 2 console in 2003. Developed by Acclaim Studios Austin, this game offers a nostalgic trip back to the golden era of 3D platformers. With its unique art style, engaging gameplay mechanics, and challenging levels, Vexx PS2 has managed to captivate gamers of all ages. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the game to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Graphics and Art Style:

Vexx PS2 boasts impressive graphics for its time, showcasing vibrant and detailed environments. The game's art style is particularly noteworthy, with a dark and edgy aesthetic that sets it apart from other platformers of its era. The character designs are imaginative and visually appealing, adding to the overall charm of the game. Despite the limitations of the PlayStation 2 hardware, Vexx PS2 manages to deliver a visually pleasing experience.

Gameplay and Controls:

The gameplay in Vexx PS2 is where the game truly shines. As a platformer, it offers a wide range of challenges, from precise jumps to combat encounters. The controls are responsive and intuitive, allowing for precise movements and actions. Vexx, the protagonist, possesses a variety of abilities and power-ups that enhance the gameplay experience. The level design is well-crafted, offering a good balance between exploration and platforming challenges. The game also features a decent difficulty curve, gradually increasing the complexity as you progress.

Storyline and Characters:

While the story in Vexx PS2 may not be groundbreaking, it serves its purpose in providing a motivation for the player. The game follows Vexx, a young warrior seeking revenge against the evil Dark Yabu, who has enslaved his people. The narrative unfolds through cutscenes and interactions with various characters throughout the game. While the story may not be the game's strongest aspect, the characters are memorable and add depth to the overall experience.

Replay Value:

Vexx PS2 offers a decent amount of replay value. With multiple collectibles to find, secret areas to discover, and additional challenges to unlock, players can enjoy revisiting levels even after completing the main storyline. The game also features a time attack mode, allowing players to compete for the best completion times. While the replay value may not be as extensive as some other titles, it still offers enough content to keep players engaged for a considerable amount of time.


Vexx PS2 is a hidden gem in the PlayStation 2 library, offering a delightful platforming experience with its unique art style, engaging gameplay mechanics, and challenging levels. While it may not have received the recognition it deserved upon release, it remains a must-play for fans of the genre. Despite its age, the game still holds up well and provides an enjoyable trip down memory lane for those who grew up with the PlayStation 2.

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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