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TY The Tasmanian Tiger PS2

TY The Tasmanian Tiger PS2

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Title: A Nostalgic Adventure with TY The Tasmanian Tiger on PS2


TY The Tasmanian Tiger for PS2 is a classic platformer that takes players on an exciting adventure through the Australian Outback. Developed by Krome Studios, this game offers a nostalgic experience for fans of the genre and introduces a lovable protagonist, TY, who embarks on a mission to save his family and homeland from the evil Boss Cass. With its vibrant visuals, engaging gameplay, and memorable characters, TY The Tasmanian Tiger is a must-play for any PlayStation 2 owner.


The graphics in TY The Tasmanian Tiger may not be as advanced as modern games, but they still hold up well. The colorful and detailed environments bring the Australian Outback to life, with lush jungles, sandy deserts, and vibrant underwater worlds. The character designs are charming, and each enemy has its own unique look. The game runs smoothly, with no noticeable frame rate drops or graphical glitches.


The gameplay in TY The Tasmanian Tiger is where the game truly shines. As TY, players will explore various levels, collecting boomerangs, solving puzzles, and battling enemies. The controls are responsive and intuitive, making it easy to navigate through the game's diverse environments. TY can also use different boomerangs with special abilities, adding depth to the combat and puzzle-solving mechanics. The game strikes a good balance between challenging and accessible, ensuring players of all skill levels can enjoy the adventure.


The storyline in TY The Tasmanian Tiger is simple yet engaging. TY's family has been captured by Boss Cass, and it's up to him to rescue them and save his homeland. Along the way, TY will encounter a cast of memorable characters, each with their own unique personality and role in the story. The dialogue is witty and humorous, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. While the plot may not be groundbreaking, it serves its purpose well and keeps players invested in TY's journey.

Replay Value:

TY The Tasmanian Tiger offers a decent amount of replay value. In addition to the main story, there are numerous side quests and collectibles to discover, providing additional challenges and rewards. The game also features a variety of mini-games and racing challenges, adding even more content to explore. While the main campaign can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, completionists will find themselves spending hours trying to collect everything the game has to offer.


TY The Tasmanian Tiger for PS2 is a delightful platformer that captures the essence of classic gaming. With its charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and entertaining storyline, it offers a nostalgic experience that will appeal to both old and new fans of the genre. While it may not have the technical prowess of modern games, its timeless appeal and enjoyable mechanics make it a worthwhile addition to any PlayStation 2 library.

Star Rating: 4.5/5

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