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Wanted Weapons of Fate Xbox 360

Wanted Weapons of Fate Xbox 360

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Wanted Weapons of Fate Xbox 360 Review: A Thrilling Action-Packed Experience

Title: Wanted Weapons of Fate Xbox 360 Review: A Thrilling Action-Packed Experience


Wanted Weapons of Fate for Xbox 360 is a third-person shooter video game that serves as a sequel to the popular movie Wanted. Developed by Grin and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, this game aims to deliver an immersive and adrenaline-fueled experience for fans of the movie and action gaming enthusiasts alike. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the game, including gameplay, graphics, storyline, and overall enjoyment.


The gameplay in Wanted Weapons of Fate is fast-paced and intense, keeping players engaged throughout the entire experience. The controls are smooth and responsive, allowing for precise aiming and movement. The game incorporates a unique cover system, which adds an extra layer of strategy to the combat. Players can utilize the "curving bullets" mechanic, just like in the movie, to take down enemies with style. The variety of weapons and abilities available further enhances the gameplay, providing a satisfying range of options for dispatching foes. Overall, the gameplay mechanics are well-executed and make for an enjoyable and challenging experience.


Visually, Wanted Weapons of Fate impresses with its detailed environments and character models. The game captures the gritty and dark atmosphere of the movie, immersing players in its world. The animations are fluid, and the special effects, particularly the curving bullets, are visually stunning. The attention to detail in the environments, such as destructible objects and interactive elements, adds to the overall immersion. While the graphics may not be on par with more recent releases, they still hold up well and contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game.


The game's storyline serves as a direct continuation of the movie, offering fans an opportunity to further explore the Wanted universe. Players assume the role of Wesley Gibson, the protagonist from the film, as he embarks on a quest for revenge. The narrative is engaging and keeps players invested in the outcome. The inclusion of familiar characters from the movie, along with new additions, adds depth to the story and provides a sense of continuity. While the storyline may not be groundbreaking, it successfully captures the essence of the movie and provides an enjoyable narrative experience.

Overall Enjoyment:

Wanted Weapons of Fate for Xbox 360 delivers an action-packed and thrilling experience that will satisfy fans of the movie and action gaming enthusiasts. The gameplay mechanics, graphics, and storyline all contribute to an immersive and enjoyable experience. The game successfully captures the essence of the movie, allowing players to feel like they are a part of the Wanted universe. While it may not offer groundbreaking innovations, it excels in providing a solid and entertaining gaming experience.

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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