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Front Mission Evolved Xbox 360

Front Mission Evolved Xbox 360

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Front Mission Evolved is a third-person shooter video game developed by Double Helix Games and published by Square Enix for the Xbox 360. As a fan of the Front Mission series, I was excited to see how the franchise would transition into a new genre. However, after playing the game extensively, I must say that it falls short of expectations.

One of the biggest disappointments with Front Mission Evolved is its lackluster storyline. The game takes place in a futuristic world where giant mechs called Wanzers are used for military purposes. You play as Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer who gets caught up in a global conspiracy. While the premise sounds intriguing, the execution is lackluster. The story lacks depth and fails to engage the player. The characters are forgettable, and the dialogue feels forced and cliché.

The gameplay in Front Mission Evolved is also underwhelming. As a third-person shooter, the controls are clunky and unresponsive at times. Moving the Wanzer feels sluggish, and aiming can be frustrating. The combat lacks variety, with repetitive missions and uninspired enemy designs. The game tries to incorporate customization by allowing players to upgrade their Wanzers with different weapons and parts, but the options are limited, and the impact on gameplay is minimal.

Visually, Front Mission Evolved is decent but not impressive. The environments are detailed, and the mechs are well-designed. However, the graphics lack polish, with occasional frame rate drops and texture pop-ins. The sound design is forgettable, with generic music and uninspired voice acting.

One aspect of Front Mission Evolved that deserves praise is its multiplayer mode. The game offers various multiplayer modes, including team deathmatch and objective-based missions. Playing with friends can be enjoyable, and the competitive nature of the multiplayer adds some replay value to an otherwise lackluster game.

In conclusion, Front Mission Evolved fails to live up to the standards set by its predecessors. The lackluster storyline, clunky gameplay, and uninspired design make it a forgettable experience. While the multiplayer mode adds some value, it is not enough to redeem the overall mediocrity of the game.

Star Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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