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Don King Boxing Wii

Don King Boxing Wii

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A Knockout Experience: Don King Boxing Wii Review

Title: A Knockout Experience: Don King Boxing Wii Review


Don King Boxing for the Wii is a boxing simulation game that aims to bring the intensity and excitement of the sport right into your living room. Developed by 2K Sports, this game promises to deliver an immersive boxing experience with its motion-controlled gameplay and a roster of legendary fighters. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the game to determine if it truly packs a punch.

Graphics and Presentation:

Visually, Don King Boxing for the Wii is a mixed bag. While the character models are decently detailed and recognizable, the overall graphics lack the polish and finesse seen in other Wii titles. The arenas and crowd animations are rather lackluster, failing to capture the grandeur and atmosphere of a real boxing match. However, the game does make good use of the Wii's motion controls, allowing players to throw punches and dodge with relative accuracy.

Gameplay and Controls:

The gameplay in Don King Boxing is where the game truly shines. The motion controls are responsive and intuitive, making it easy to throw punches, block, and dodge. The game offers a variety of control schemes, including the option to use the Wii Balance Board for footwork, adding an extra layer of immersion. The career mode allows players to create their own boxer and guide them through the ranks, facing off against a range of opponents. The training mini-games are a fun addition, helping players improve their skills and earn stat boosts.

Fighter Roster and Customization:

Don King Boxing boasts an impressive roster of over 20 legendary boxers, including the likes of Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Joe Frazier. Each fighter is faithfully recreated, complete with their signature moves and fighting styles. The game also offers a decent amount of customization options, allowing players to personalize their own boxer's appearance and attributes. This adds a layer of depth and replayability to the game, as players can experiment with different strategies and playstyles.

Game Modes and Replayability:

Aside from the career mode, Don King Boxing offers several other game modes to keep players engaged. Exhibition matches allow for quick bouts against AI or friends, while the multiplayer mode lets you go head-to-head with friends locally. The game also features online leaderboards, encouraging players to strive for the top spot. While the game lacks additional modes or challenges, the solid gameplay mechanics and the ability to create and improve your own boxer provide enough replayability to keep players coming back for more.

Star Rating: 3.5/5


Don King Boxing for the Wii delivers an enjoyable and immersive boxing experience, thanks to its responsive motion controls and a roster of legendary fighters. While the graphics and presentation may not be top-notch, the gameplay mechanics and customization options make up for it. The game offers a decent amount of content and replayability, making it a worthwhile addition to any boxing fan's Wii library. However, it falls short of being a knockout title due to its lackluster visuals and limited game modes.

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