10 Best Puzzle Games on Nintendo Wii U

Top 10 Puzzle Games for Nintendo Wii U: A Brain-Teasing Adventure

Top 10 Puzzle Games for Nintendo Wii U: A Brain-Teasing Adventure


Puzzle games have always been a favorite genre among gamers, offering a unique blend of challenge and entertainment. With the Nintendo Wii U, players can dive into a world of mind-bending puzzles and embark on exciting adventures. In this review, we present the top 10 puzzle games for the Nintendo Wii U that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.

1. "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker":

Embark on a delightful journey with Captain Toad as you navigate through intricate levels filled with puzzles and hidden treasures. This charming game offers a refreshing take on puzzle-solving, utilizing the Wii U GamePad's touch screen for an immersive experience.

2. "Pushmo World":

Pushmo World is a delightful puzzle game that challenges players to solve intricate block-pushing puzzles. With over 250 levels, a level editor, and the ability to share your creations online, this game offers endless hours of brain-teasing fun.

3. "Art of Balance":

Test your balancing skills in this physics-based puzzle game. Art of Balance offers a unique gameplay experience, where you stack and arrange various shapes to create stable structures. With its relaxing atmosphere and challenging puzzles, this game is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

4. "Toki Tori 2+":

Guide Toki Tori, a cute little bird, through a vibrant and interactive world filled with puzzles and secrets. This puzzle-platformer offers a non-linear gameplay experience, allowing players to explore and solve puzzles at their own pace.

5. "The Swapper":

Immerse yourself in a hauntingly beautiful sci-fi world as you solve mind-bending puzzles using the ability to clone yourself. The Swapper's atmospheric ambiance, coupled with its challenging puzzles, makes it a must-play for puzzle enthusiasts.

6. "Affordable Space Adventures":

Embark on an adventure through an alien planet in your very own spaceship. Affordable Space Adventures combines puzzle-solving with stealth mechanics, as players navigate through treacherous environments while managing their ship's systems. This game offers a unique and immersive experience for puzzle lovers.

7. "Puyo Puyo Tetris":

Experience the ultimate puzzle mash-up with Puyo Puyo Tetris. This addictive game combines the classic Tetris gameplay with the colorful Puyo Puyo mechanics, offering a variety of modes and challenges for both solo and multiplayer fun.

8. "BOXBOY!":

In this charming puzzle-platformer, players control Qbby, a small box-shaped character, as he overcomes obstacles and solves puzzles using his ability to create boxes. BOXBOY! offers a simple yet addictive gameplay experience, with over 150 levels to conquer.

9. "Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition":

Join Officer Patricia Wagon in this fast-paced puzzle-platformer as she uses her ability to switch blocks to solve puzzles and apprehend criminals. With its catchy soundtrack and challenging levels, Mighty Switch Force! is a must-play for puzzle enthusiasts.

10. "Teslagrad":

Enter a steampunk-inspired world filled with magnetic puzzles and electrifying challenges. Teslagrad offers a visually stunning experience, where players must harness the power of magnetism to progress through the game. With its captivating storyline and intricate puzzles, this game is a true gem for puzzle lovers.


The Nintendo Wii U offers a fantastic selection of puzzle games that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you enjoy platformers, physics-based puzzles, or mind-bending challenges, these top 10 puzzle games will keep you entertained and engaged for hours on end. So grab your Wii U GamePad and embark on a brain-teasing adventure like no other!

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